Scientific seminar 2021 – EDUDL+

Professional and digital competence of higher education teachers

Theoretical approaches and practical usages of competence frameworks

The demand for digital competencies at all levels of the educational system has increased and includes higher education and its main actors, academic professors. This demand leads to numerous investigations and practices aiming at defining, understanding and developing competencies. Key question of the seminar will be: How is professional development of university teachers including digitalization to be conceived and which educational engineering settings are appropriate for developing professional and digital competencies? This seminar presents different approaches to academic educational professionalism and digital competencies and discusses possible scenarios of attesting and valuing them.

Professional competence frameworks in higher education teaching

This block will present and discuss theoretical competence frameworks to identify and develop overall professional educational competence of academic staff with special focus on digital skills. We start from the idea that digital competences are transversal and situated within all areas of professional competence where they can be classified in different levels of complexity and achievement (taxonomy).

  • Model of digital competence for university teachers (working title), Paz Prendes & Isabel Gutiérrez, University of Murcia, Spain
  • edudemia – Professional competence framework in higher education and digital skills, Lionel Alvarez, University of Fribourg & Marianne Helfenberger, FernUni Schweiz
  • Development and implementation of a digital competence framework at University of Geneva, Giulia Ortoleva et al., University of Geneva

Attesting and valuing digital skills of higher education teachers

This interactive and question guided block will discuss possible usages of such frameworks, possible approaches to value and attest competencies based on those frameworks and existing institutional practices of pedagogical engineering that develop higher education teachers’ digital competence and that innovate education with technology. Main goals are identifying good practices and analyzing possibilities and limits of attesting professional and digital competence.

  • Workshop and guided discussion
Academic collaborator : pedagogical engineering, research and development

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