The Project

Identifying, developing and recognising digital skills – a project within Swissuniversities’ research and development program P-8 Enhancing digital skills in teaching 

The project, lasting 30 months, is co-financed by the Swiss government as part of the 

P-8 programme ‘Enhancing Digital Skills in Teaching’ of Swissuniversities. Swiss Distance University provides equal funding. The total cost of the project is 325,000 Swiss francs. 

The project aims among others to set up and maintain one online system each for students and lecturers. Both systems will receive technical and personnel support and are based on competence frameworks. The means for developing competences and their recognition are adapted to the target audience. The project is therefore divided into two axes: “Digital Skills Students” and “Digital Skills Lecturers”. These two axes are the subject of this website. 

The project is under the responsibility and direction of Jean-Michel Jullien, responsible for the pedagogical service EDUDL+ of Swiss Distance University. 

The project team consists of EDUDL+ academic and specialized members.


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