Validating edudemia – the survey*

E-learning and e-teaching are an ongoing topic in educational institutions, and not just with the outbreak of COVID-19. The advancing digitalisation poses theoretical and practical challenges to higher education teachers and to higher education institutions that put together a corresponding training programme. Various theoretically and empirically validated competence models exist. However, most competence models consider digital competences as a central core or independent of other competence areas. Only rarely are they based on expertise from practice.

Edudemia includes a large number of professional activities for teachers in higher education. The focus on digital competences in this framework is designed to be cross-cutting and integrated with the other five competence areas. Its aim is to identify a comprehensive sample of pedagogical competences for teachers in higher education. These competences can be useful in the development of their teaching as well as learning concepts. The extent to which skills related to the selection, modification, production and (shared) use of analogue and digital resources as well as the use of digital learning environments are crucial.

For the empirical validation of edudemia, a survey will be conducted as a large-scale DELPHI study in which university lecturers from all disciplines and types of higher education institutions will be interviewed as teaching experts. The respondents are asked to assess 5 areas of competence in terms of their comprehensibility and their current and future relevance. Subsequently, they will be presented with a random selection of competencies (5 out of 37) for assessment and assignment to a competency area. Participation takes about 15 minutes and can be anonymous or not. The survey has been reviewed and approved by the Ethics Committee of Swiss Distance University. For further information, please refer to the questionnaire.

* Marianne Helfenberger, EDUDL+, Swiss Distance University in collaboration with Lionel Alvarez, University of Fribourg

also see Research and Development of the Professional Competence Framework edudemia: Methods

and Validation of edudemia – state of the art

Academic collaborator : pedagogical engineering, research and development

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